I watched this remarkable show last week and it is still reverberating with me. An astonishing piece of work that tackles grief, identity, work-life balance, belief systems, and so much more. A workplace drama that doubles as a meditation on life, with a propulsive piece of thriller storytelling at its centre. There’s hints of David Lynch eeriness & oddity, with elements of The Office mundanity, Michel Gondry surrealism, and sprinkled with inventive, offbeat humour.

This is a profound work of art made by people at the absolute top of their game – deft direction by Ben Stiller & Aoife McCardle, note-perfect acting from the entire cast (special shout outs to John Turturro, Christopher Walken, Zach Cherry and Britt Lower), sumptuous art direction, and, most importantly, crisp, clever writing by Dan Erickson. Exceptional storytelling, expertly delivered.

The season finale of the show might actually be one of the best hours of television I have seen, with a taut, tense, compelling, forward-moving story that answers questions in a clever way, and also opens up many more. The next season can’t come soon enough.

It’s on Apple TV+ so you can grab a week’s free trial to see it, or indeed, sign up and watch it at your leisure.