I just finished this extraordinary book in two sittings. It’s a brilliant memoir that explores truth, lies and the stories we tell ourselves to get by. And in the end, it asks big questions about what you just read in a very clever way. I adored Derek Del Gaudio’s acclaimed show “In & Of Itself” (which I briefly wrote about here previously) and this book covers some of the tales told in that show, and overall it has the same spirit. His creativity and ingenuity is evident on every page, but more impressive is his ability to tell a story about a relatively, complex, niche topic (sleight of hand and crooked card dealing) in a straightforward compelling way. He has rapidly become one of my favourite artists. I love how he straddles the line between performer, illusionist, storyteller and good old-fashioned entertainer. Grab the book, it’s really worth a read. And if you haven’t seen “In & Of Itself”, set aside some time, it will connect with something deep within.