My name is Kalle Ryan. I’m originally from Waterford, Ireland (with Swedish roots, hence the unusual name) and these days I’m based in bubblin’ Dublin. Creativity is my superpower and I’ve harnessed it to leave a lasting impression on both the corporate and creative worlds. In fact, I’ve even been described as a bit of a unicorn! 
On the creative side, I have 25+ years of trailblazing work to my name, which includes writing & performing two award-nominated Fringe shows, curating LINGO (Ireland’s first and only spoken word festival)penning an award-winning alternative Irish national anthem, performing spoken word on stages across the globe, publishing plays & poetry in the USA & Ireland, as well as curating & hosting the acclaimed Brownbread Mixtape live show for 10 years. And the Irish Times even named me as one of the 100 most creative people in Ireland.
Alongside that, on the corporate side of things, I did trailblazing communications and innovation work for 15+ years at Google & Meta that included founding the Cloud 9 innovation lab (Google), as well as establishing and leading the first ever global internal video communications team (Meta), where I hosted the flagship video series The Blast (interviewing fascinating people like Sheryl Sandberg and Nick Clegg, and a few less fascinating ones too)There are plenty of other magical moments in my career, that you can dive into on my LinkedIn profile, if you’re so inclined.
Beyond all those professional and creative milestones, I’m someone who loves a good story, a binge-worthy tv show, and a great crackly record spinning on a turntable. I also believe that a good cup of tea solves most things.