100 Funniest Sketches of All Time (10 – 1)

The list of the funniest sketches of all time concludes today with some of my all-time favourites.  Here are the final batch of sketches from 10 to 1… In case you missed it:  100 Funniest Sketches of All Time: #100 – #91  100 Funniest Sketches of All Time: #90 – #81 100 Funniest Sketches of All Time: […]

10 incredible songs you need to listen to right now

Every one of these songs is a masterclass in songwriting and performance. Every one of these songs strike me deep in the heart. Every time.  Some you may have heard, some you may not have heard. Every one of these songs deserves to be heard more often. Enjoy! – Kalle ———————————————————————————————— 1. May You Never – John […]

The Lonely Track – short film

One of my favourite Irish musicians is Pearse McGloughlin. His ear for melody is remarkable, and his ability to wind lyrical tapestries around them is a thing to marvel. A few years ago in advance of his second album “In Movement” being released, he commissioned a series of short 60-90 second films to accompany excerpts of songs from […]

The Subterranean Homesick Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Bob Dylan

For the past decade or so I curated and hosted a variety night of music, spoken word poetry and sketch comedy called The Brownbread Mixtape. It was always themed and we asked along some of the finest local or touring musicians and poets to perform on the theme of the night, and I would usually […]