The Subterranean Homesick Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Bob Dylan

For a decade or so I curated and hosted a variety night of music, spoken word poetry and sketch comedy called The Brownbread Mixtape. It was always themed and we asked along some of the finest local or touring musicians and poets to perform on the theme of the night, and I would usually write some old school radio comedy sketches that myself and the resident sketch troupe would perform. We gathered a really great following of thoughtful, warm fans over the years and it took us on great adventures to several festivals around Ireland. 

Back in 2013 at one of our monthly shows, we chose the theme of “Chillin’ like Bob Dylan”. As always I made an effort to write sketches and come up with fun interactive magic moments for the audience and, my sidekick Enda Roche appeared as a very passable young Bob Dylan. He then delivered this unique Subterranean Homesick Blues style interpretation of the classic Will Smith sitcom theme. I was literally given the cue cards as he stepped to the mic, so it made the moment as spontaneous and electrifying for me as the audience. This rare film of one of our performances is by the brilliant Dyehouse Films and serves as a great snapshot of the rowdy and freewheeling sort of fun we would have. I’m so glad this was captured, as there is a real air of mischief and magic about this moment that will forever stick with me. Dig this man!

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