California Dreamin’

Had the best weekend in ages. Went on a road trip down to Monterey, Carmel and Santa Cruz. Beautiful fuel for the creative mind. I captured some timelapse of the different stages of the journey on my GoPro. As a creative challenge to myself, I wanted to put them together in a unique way, so I ended up piecing them together into this triptych style video. Happy with the end result and I learned some new skills in the process.


I recently had the privilege of going on my first work trip to California since the pandemic. It was a feast for the senses, with rich colours, unique scents, sea breezes, soft sunlight, city sounds, ocean spray and everything else in between. It was a truly rejuvenating experience. I feel lucky to have been able to be there. My creative energy was replenished by awe-inspiring rooftop vistas, walks along the Pacific Ocean, a hot tub in the mountains, and a wonderful wander around San Francisco, that included a pilgrimage to my favourite book shop, City Lights. Thank you universe!