Inspiration / 21 April 2022

Spherosphere: Creative worlds within worlds

This stunning music video was created by Irish artist Kevin McGloughlin for his brother Pearse’s song “Spherosphere”. The creativity and ingenuity on display is breathtaking, and it is unsurprising that the video was a staff pick on the homepage of Vimeo. As I understand it, Kevin built this using Adobe After Effects, and the result […]

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Artchive / 25 March 2018

The Brownbread Mixtape Podcast

I adore the podcast format and I’m an avid fan of all audio longform storytelling. I’ll do a post at another time about some of my favourite podcasts, but this post is about the brief spell where I produced a podcast of my own. It was motivated by two creative impulses. Firstly I wanted to […]

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Artchive / 22 February 2018

The Brownbread Mixtape album – the early years

the best of the batch – a baker’s dozen of brownbread mixtape tracks by The Brownbread Mixtape We record every single Brownbread Mixtape, and we have managed to capture some truly magical moments down the years from that room. Nowadays it is easier to share things digitally (even though we have yet to truly share […]

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Artchive / 10 January 2018

The Lonely Track – short film

One of my favourite Irish musicians is Pearse McGloughlin. His ear for melody is remarkable, and his ability to wind lyrical tapestries around them is a thing to marvel. A few years ago in advance of his second album “In Movement” being released, he commissioned a series of short 60-90 second films to accompany excerpts of songs from […]

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