Lovebomb / 10 December 2022

My Favourite Films: 2022

2022 offered up some brilliant films despite a torrent of mediocrity. Nicholas Cage’s bizarre brilliance, Batman’s noir charm, Top Gun’s thrilling nostalgia, Tony Hawk’s touching tale and George Carlin’s lasting legacy had me laughing, crying, and munching virtual popcorn all year.

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Inspiration / 19 March 2022

The Batman is a masterpiece

Had a rare night out at the cinema yesterday. Saw The Batman. I was bowled over by it. It is an atmospheric, arty, well-crafted piece of cinema. A film noir-ish, Blade Runner vibe with a gorgeous film score. Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell (who is unrecognisable in his makeup) and Zoe Kravitz were the standouts in […]

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