Lovebomb / 11 June 2021

Welcome to the Internet

Bo Burnham’s Inside is still resonating deeply. His creative mind is at the peak of its powers. And it is such a brilliant snapshot of the digitally connected world we live in, as well as being a profoundly thoughtful exploration of the pandemic and our place in it. This song is a superb standalone slice […]

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Artchive / 17 March 2021

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Hope you have a good day drinking pints of Guinness, listening to U2, or reading Yeats, Beckett and Joyce. Alternatively you can sit back and listen to my award-winning alternative Irish national anthem, Read the story of the song here.

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Inspiration / 6 March 2020

Hitrecord – Life is a wonderful dream

Love this. is such a cool example of creative communities coming together and collaborating in the internet age, simply because everyone on there believes that making beautiful new art together is awesome. So much respect for Joseph Gordon-Levitt for building this online sandbox for artists of every discipline to share and create

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Artchive / 16 October 2019

Mackie messer / mack the knife

Many moons ago, myself and my friend Loughlin formed a band called The Analog Revue and we made some amazing music by exchanging files transatlantically. The end result was an EP we called Urban Future Cowboy. The tracks on the EP were all originals (which I will upload in due course) with the exception of […]

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