Inspiration / 14 May 2021

Street Art Galore

Once again my sons and I strolled by the street art and got to see fresh new splashes of colour and creativity. There is something really beautiful and odd about how fleeting a lot of this work is. Painted over masterprieces with new slices of art. And it really speaks to my kids who see […]

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Inspiration / 15 April 2021

Street Art – Poster

There is a street artist who goes by the moniker Art of Asbestos and he has a long-running, funny series of posters around Dublin that advertise unlikely lost items. I recently spied this one and loved the playfulness and weirdness of it. You can learn more at

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Creation Station / 2 April 2020

Roll out the barrel

Over the past few weeks in quarantine, myself and the kids have been working on an ambitious, colourful art project. We took this old whiskey barrel that my dad got from his days as a biochemist in Irish Distillers (and subsequently housed his dreadful elderberry wine) and sanded it down, primed it, and then spray […]

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