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Seven photos of New Yorkers at the intersection between Nassau Street and Ann Street

On June 24th 2007 I was waiting for my wife outside a shop at the corner of Ann Street and Nassau Street in downtown Manhattan in New York City. I bent down to tie my shoelaces and suddenly saw the bustling New York street from an unusual perspective. So, I decided to take a few […]

The Lonely Track – short film

One of my favourite Irish musicians is Pearse McGloughlin. His ear for melody is remarkable, and his ability to wind lyrical tapestries around them is a thing to marvel. A few years ago in advance of his second album “In Movement” being released, he commissioned a series of short 60-90 second films to accompany excerpts of songs from […]

I found 20 of the greatest vinyl album sleeves of all time in the attic

A few years ago I was clearing out the attic of my family home and I found a treasure trove of fantastic vinyl that my father had accumulated throughout his life. It made me excited to see musical gems from my own past, as well as jewels in the crown from my father’s extensive, eclectic […]

The Subterranean Homesick Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Bob Dylan

For the past decade or so I curated and hosted a variety night of music, spoken word poetry and sketch comedy called The Brownbread Mixtape. It was always themed and we asked along some of the finest local or touring musicians and poets to perform on the theme of the night, and I would usually […]

A new year, lots of new art to share and explore

On New Year’s Day for the past few years I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog or website dedicated to creativity in some way. So, this is the year I am finally doing it! An early variation of this site I had in mind was to offer creative prompts daily and see […]