Stencil vs Pencil

Created my own little stencil of the alphabet. Trying out some new ideas for posters. Messy but fun.


I just finished this extraordinary book in two sittings. It’s a brilliant memoir that explores truth, lies and the stories we tell ourselves to get by. And in the end, it asks big questions about what you just read in a very clever way. I adored Derek Del Gaudio’s acclaimed show “In & Of Itself” (which I briefly wrote about here previously) and this book covers some of the tales told in that show, and overall it has the same spirit. His creativity and ingenuity is evident on every page, but more impressive is his ability to tell a story about a relatively, complex, niche topic (sleight of hand and crooked card dealing) in a straightforward compelling way. He has rapidly become one of my favourite artists. I love how he straddles the line between performer, illusionist, storyteller and good old-fashioned entertainer. Grab the book, it’s really worth a read. And if you haven’t seen “In & Of Itself”, set aside some time, it will connect with something deep within.

I wish I could relate the intangibles to you…

I watched the Tony Hawk documentary by Sam Jones yesterday and it was truly terrific. While I have never been a skateboarder, it still spoke to me as a piece of storytelling and an insight into a life well lived. Give it a watch if you have the chance. 

I have been thinking a lot about the the final interview at the end with legendary skater Rodney Mullen. There is such profound beauty and depth in what he says. He is talking about the risks and rewards of what he does, but the lyrical flow of it makes it feel poetic and totally universal. He could just as easily be talking about artists. He is talking about every one of us.

Inside by Bo Burnham is a masterpiece

I watched Inside by Bo Burnham on Netflix last night. It was like nothing I have ever seen and I was utterly blown away by it. It’s listed as a comedy special but that doesn’t come close to describing it. It’s a meditation on life during the pandemic, it’s about creativity and the creative process, it’s about mental health, it’s about the digital world we live in, and ultimately it is a really beautiful, clever film. It is time very well spent in the company of a unique mind. Give it a watch, I’m going to watch it again.

What we see in the shadows…

There’s an amazing Instagram account by a guy called Vincent Bal, who calls himself a Shadowologist. He uses random objects to cast shadows on a page, and then creates wonderful cartoons based on the shapes those shadows throw out. He is currently doing a challenge for families/kids to try out, and today’s challenge was using glass for shadows, so myself and the boys gave it a shot (glass). Clearly not gonna win awards, but proud of our efforts nonetheless.

Roll out the barrel

Over the past few weeks in quarantine, myself and the kids have been working on an ambitious, colourful art project. We took this old whiskey barrel that my dad got from his days as a biochemist in Irish Distillers (and subsequently housed his dreadful elderberry wine) and sanded it down, primed it, and then spray painted it graffiti style with vibrant colours. It is such a burst of brightness and joy in the corner of our garden. Adds some much needed light during this darkness. Art is good for the heart