Spark in the Dark / 10 February 2023

Yer man is an absolute muppet!

A few years ago I had the honour of a puppet being made in my likeness. It was for a special edition of my video series The Blast at Facebook/Meta. My onscreen persona was a shirt-and-tie late night host, with a humorous sensibility. We were putting together a blooper reel from my interviews and hosting […]

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Creation Station / 4 January 2023

Carving poetry out of newspaper clippings

For me, a great creative way to stimulate ideas and spark new writing is this classic technique of cutting out different words and phrases from newspapers and magazines. Then arranging them and gluing them into fresh sentences on the page.  For whatever reason, they always seem to get to the heart of things and tap […]

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Spark in the Dark / 9 September 2022

Creativity Talk on Culture Night (Sept 23rd)

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be participating in a panel discussion about creativity on Culture Night (Sept 23rd) at The Tara Building. I’m really looking forward to sharing some stories and learning more from other fellow creatives, and I have no doubt you will enjoy it too. It’s part of a broader night […]

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Inspiration / 1 September 2022

Rakattak – 14 guitars, 16 amps, 1 mallet

One of the most creative periods of my life was when I was collaborating on the website No idea was too big or too small to be explored creatively. One such idea was a series of pop up ads for fake products & services. We zeroed in on a series of fake musical instruments […]

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Creation Station / 27 July 2022

Video Postcards from the Edgemont

Another road trip up into the Appalachian mountains, where we wound our way through the Pisgah Forest to a little parish called Edgemont. The sun was shining and we drifted lazily down the creek on inner-tubes, trailing our hands in the refreshingly cool mountain stream. I captured some of the trip on my Rayban Stories […]

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