7 Deadly Facts (poem)

“7 Deadly Facts” – Colm Mac Athlaoich (Apr 29th 2011) Around the time my first son was born I wanted to write something to mark his arrival. I was doing a lot of festival gigs at the time and I found that humorous poems always garnered a better reaction in those large crowd settings. So, I […]

Mr. Splash starring Nicolas Cage and a bottle of ketchup

Nicolas Cage has been making increasingly erratic and poor movie choices for some time now. Back in the 90s, for the now defunct artlick.com project, myself and my friend Dave had this mad idea of creating marketing materials & collateral for a buddy road-trip movie, where Cage would star as himself opposite a bottle of ketchup. We […]

A series of letters to major drinks manufacturers where I unsuccessfully seek sponsorship for poetry

For almost a decade I have curated and hosted The Brownbread Mixtape, a themed variety show that showcases the best in music, spoken word poetry, and sketch comedy. One of the many shows was centred around the the theme of “drinking”. So, in the spirit of mischievousness (and to generate comedy material for the purposes […]

The Cathal O’Riain emails to scammers: #1 GLADYS FAUSTINO

One month at the brownbread mixtape show our theme of the night was “The Internet” and so, in preparation for the show, I went through the brownbread mixtape email spam folder and embarked upon some electronic correspondence with a number of email scammers (under my cleverly encrypted celtic code name Cathal O’Riain!). The result was […]

Modern Ireland – a short film

A few years ago my good friend, documentary filmmaker David Bagnall (Getting Out), was visiting from New York, so we met up with another friend and filmmaker, David O’Sullivan (Moore Street Masala), and headed out without a script, and decided to try and make a short film in a single day. There was such a freedom […]