Creation Station / 20 May 2021

Where do you get your ideas from?

This is a classic question that often gets directed at creative people like you and me. And there really isn’t a satisfying answer for it. At least, not a definitive, simple explanation that the person asking will be happy with. For me, it’s about allowing space for little connections or sparks to happen in my […]

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Inspiration / 22 May 2019

ideas are free

Found this old sketch in my notebook of a character I created called Blockhead O’Yeah, and he was a cubist piece of art who had come to life to inspire his fellow characters. This little nugget of wisdom must have been my subconscious giving me a pep talk!

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Thoughts / 1 January 2019

A year of creative thought

This online journal of creative musings is a year old. Did I hit the creative bullseye with it? Maybe not. Did it give me a place to share my ideas and inspirations? Definitely. A creative failure is a successful creation, or somesuch. I’m going to keep going with it. Will you come along with me?

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