Creation Station / 9 October 2021

Pickling Creativity

Food is a place where I love to play creatively. I have no demands upon myself and adore the freedom of creatively piecing together ideas. Today I returned to the pleasant pastime of pickling things and inventing new concoctions & creations. And I love the thought that the true final output won’t really be known […]

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Artchive / 17 February 2020

palate / palette

More oddball New York-era paintings of mine from the start of the millennium that I found in the attic. I think I was trying to say something profound about words (palate) and painted visuals (palette).

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Artchive / 10 March 2019

The art of conversation isn’t dead

Found some old sketches in my notebook for a series of large scale paintings I wanted to do called The Palate Series (or maybe The Pallet Series) which used sayings and phrases from different languages (English, French, German, Swedish) that played with the idea of language – often a linguistic turn of phrase or idea. […]

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