A new year. A new chapter

As the new year begins I find myself beginning a brand new chapter of my life. After 15 years working in Silicon Valley as a communicator and innovator at Google and Facebook/Meta, my time has come to an end due to the recent layoffs. I now find myself embarking on a brand new chapter in […]

My Favourite Podcasts: 2022

One of my favourite things to do is listen to podcasts. They have been a trusty companion on my long walks along the beach in Dublin bay. Far too often in the past I have found myself listening to very disposable interview podcasts that seem to lose their currency almost immediately, so this year I […]

The Leftovers

The Leftovers is a truly extraordinary piece of storytelling. Somehow I missed the show properly when it came out some years ago, but I am so glad I connected with it now. A deep, thoughtful, insightful, profound meditation on faith, grief, loss, identity and the human condition. I have never seen a show like it […]

Things Fell Apart with Jon Ronson

One of the very best working storytellers today is Jon Ronson. His recent BBC Radio series, Things Fell Apart, which focuses on the human stories at the centre of the culture wars, is an absolute gem. Expertly crafted tales of people’s stories that have had huge ripples on our culture and communities. Equally interesting is […]

Jean Luc Godard on stories

Such a great reminder to not be bound by rules and traditional forms. Play with it. Beyond Godard, modern cinema has so many great examples of it  – like Memento by Christopher Nolan, Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino or Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa – and contemporary television shows like True Detective and Westworld thrive on […]

Ira Glass on Storytelling

So much of the creative process is about crafting a good story that resonates and reverberates with your audience. The art of storytelling is something we have been raised with since we were kids – almost every one of us had someone who read to us at night before we went to sleep – and […]