A new year. A new chapter

As the new year begins I find myself beginning a brand new chapter of my life. After 15 years working in Silicon Valley as a communicator and innovator at Google and Facebook/Meta, my time has come to an end due to the recent layoffs.

I now find myself embarking on a brand new chapter in my life. It’s exciting, daunting and strange, but I feel strangely serene and optimistic about it. Truthfully, there is never a good time to do something new, but sometimes you need a nudge to push yourself down a different path and see what unfolds. And that is where I find myself now. It’s a new beginning.

I have some exciting creative plans bubblin’ here in Dublin that include new writing and maybe even some creativity masterclasses, but there will be time enough to talk more about those as they develop. Sometimes you need to hold on to ideas a while longer and let them twist around a bit before sharing them with the world. It’s about keeping a close hold on the magic and letting it spark in the dark a little more before seeing the light of day.  I’m excited and nervous, as I should be. But I’m not worried.

Irish people are notoriously bad at taking compliments, and even worse at confidently talking about themselves, but I have made a decision to be more bold about this. This blog will chronicle my (bolder) journey as it develops, and with my creative skills and experience, I am feeling confident I will succeed at whatever I turn my hand to next. I urge you to do the same. Let this be the year you make bolder creative choices and choose to see the world through your unique lens.

Keep creating. Keep dreaming. Keep going.

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