Yer man is an absolute muppet!

A few years ago I had the honour of a puppet being made in my likeness. It was for a special edition of my video series The Blast at Facebook/Meta. My onscreen persona was a shirt-and-tie late night host, with a humorous sensibility. We were putting together a blooper reel from my interviews and hosting segments, so what better way to elevate the silliness that with a puppet. The brilliant Jacob Ford built it from scratch and duly served as puppeteer on the day (behind a mini cardboard replica of my desk). The episode was filmed and the puppet was placed in a box somewhere in a cupboard on campus in Palo Alto. 

Cut to a few months ago when I was being laid off and I asked my friends in the production team if they had seen it, as I would love to get a hold of it. Surely it was of no interest or value to anyone else? That was likely true, but the act of finding it in the labyrinthine corridors and cupboards of the office was another matter entirely. Imagine my delight when a box arrived here at my home a few days ago with the puppet inside. I instantly got into costume and character, and took a few snaps. I imagine I will find a use for it in a future video creation, but for now, I’m reunited with my absolute muppet of a twin.