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Inspiration / 20 January 2023

Wim Wenders on Creativity

The great German filmmaker Wim Wenders is someone I have long admired as a creative thinker. I was lucky enough to study his work when I was in college and it deepened my love for his artistic eye and his thoughtful creative sensibility. All of his films have a keen eye for beautiful composition (no […]

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Lovebomb / 18 January 2023

Ethan Hawke on Creativity: Play the fool

Ethan Hawke is an actor I love, and his worldview and thoughts on creativity always impress me. It’s hard not to warm to him in this video with such a lovely conversational take on the role of creativity. His thoughts are simple and direct but there’s also a real fire and passion driving him. This is 9 […]

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Spark in the Dark / 11 January 2023

Take a leap of faith with your creativity

I’ve been thinking about creative patterns and behaviours a lot recently. So often we follow tried and trusted paths for our creative pursuits. It’s easier. It’s comfortable. It works. But sometimes it’s worth taking a chance. A risk. Doing something a bit new. A bit unexpected. Something that might even be a bit scary. And […]

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Spark in the Dark / 7 January 2023

Does anyone know what creativity is?

I’m fairly sure we all instinctively know creativity when we see it. We can even recognise our own sparks of creativity and ingenuity when they happen. But why do we have such a hard time defining what creativity is? It’s a great question. Alas there isn’t a simple answer. The dictionary definition of creativity (and […]

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Creation Station / 4 January 2023

Carving poetry out of newspaper clippings

For me, a great creative way to stimulate ideas and spark new writing is this classic technique of cutting out different words and phrases from newspapers and magazines. Then arranging them and gluing them into fresh sentences on the page.  For whatever reason, they always seem to get to the heart of things and tap […]

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Thoughts / 1 January 2023

A new year. A new chapter

As the new year begins I find myself beginning a brand new chapter of my life. After 15 years working in Silicon Valley as a communicator and innovator at Google and Facebook/Meta, my time has come to an end due to the recent layoffs. I now find myself embarking on a brand new chapter in […]

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