Culture Night 2022 at Tara Building

Photo by Eleanor Rogers

Culture Night is an annual evening of creative arts & culture around Ireland. It is a super cool experiential happening where the doors of various establishments & cultural institutions are opened late and  unique events are programmed at the participating locations. It’s such a rich and interesting night of creativity, and I absolutely love it.

This year I was kindly asked by the good folks at The Tara Building to moderate a panel discussion about creativity with a really interesting group of folks. Ashwin Chacko (illustrator), Rob de Boer (musician) and Jamie Whelan (architect) all joined me to discuss “How We Build It”, which was, in essence, a look at how we devise, build and deliver a creative idea. Originally Ruth Medjber (photographer) was due to join us but had to cancel last minute due to a family emergency. The conversation nevertheless flowed and we explored a fascinating and varied breadth of creative topics. 

I hadn’t done a gig in years (Thanks COVID!) so it was an extra special moment for me. The pre-show nerves were there of course, but it was such a delightful experience. The audience in the room was warm and engaged, with interesting questions. The panelists were funny, serious, insightful and thoughtful. I learned loads from them and I had an absolute  ball telling a few stories of my own too.

A gift of a night. 

Photo by Eleanor Rogers
Photo by Eleanor Rogers

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