I found 20 of the greatest vinyl album sleeves of all time in the attic

Some years ago I was clearing out the attic of my family home and I found a treasure trove of fantastic vinyl that my father had accumulated throughout his life. It made me excited to see musical gems from my own past, as well as jewels in the crown from my father’s extensive, eclectic collection of records. Below are a selection of the twenty most unusual, wacky, funny, cool or downright odd record sleeves in the collection. It reminded me how remarkable a vinyl album cover is. To see it in such a large format, announcing itself so boldly. I felt transported to that moment when you would buy a new record and hold that sleeve in your hand, turning it over, studying it in detail, marvelling at the thought process and all of the hands & minds that had brought this cover art to the world. And sadly that tradition is largely fading with the shift to digital formats, but as the masterpieces below illustrate, nothing compares to a striking album cover, no matter how odd or unintentionally strange it might be. 

I presume the dog’s name is Seamus Gallagher. Big Shay they call him.
The voice of Erin. The jumper your grandad wears.
Rock 'n' Rollies
This is one of the best jazz albums I've heard. Pitchforks at the ready.
Hearty AND Hellish. What a combo.
This guy is living in the past.
'5 ants' is more than '4 elephants'. Classic Swedish kids album with psychedelic colours and solid logic.
Flatpack Swedish jazz. These guys have it in the bag.
Airline bands. A sadly neglected genre.
One saxophone, good. Three saxophones, better.
I want whatever that golden key around his neck unlocks
57 varieties of coolness
Better than most London Underground buskers. Certainly better dressed
Go on admit it. You can hear that Batman theme riff in your head right now
There's only one Jacques Dutronc. One Jacques Dutronc.
Bad-ass Biggles Bebop
Disappointing sequel to George Gershwin at the petrol station..
She might be lonely but she has her own modern jazz soundtrack. You don't have that
As boring as it looks.
The Duke decided to take a stretch limo instead of taking the A train.

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