Inspiration / 14 May 2021

Street Art Galore

Once again my sons and I strolled by the street art and got to see fresh new splashes of colour and creativity. There is something really beautiful and odd about how fleeting a lot of this work is. Painted over masterprieces with new slices of art. And it really speaks to my kids who see […]

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Artchive / 17 February 2020

palate / palette

More oddball New York-era paintings of mine from the start of the millennium that I found in the attic. I think I was trying to say something profound about words (palate) and painted visuals (palette).

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Artchive / 20 May 2018

Red Guinness

One more from my sketchbooks at the turn of the millennium. This may have been an idea I was toying with as a fake ad campaign for our arty, satirical website, or perhaps it was just a little gag for my own amusement. Either way, something about the simplicity and silliness of it still […]

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Artchive / 19 May 2018

My American Hand

Another one from my sketchbooks around the year 2001 or 2002. This one was drawn during a pretty politically charged and sensitive time in America, and I had just lived through the September 11th terrorist attacks, so was undoubtedly influenced by that. But at the same time it feels kind of jokey and irreverent, which […]

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