Wim Wenders on Creativity

The great German filmmaker Wim Wenders is someone I have long admired as a creative thinker. I was lucky enough to study his work when I was in college and it deepened my love for his artistic eye and his thoughtful creative sensibility. All of his films have a keen eye for beautiful composition (no surprise that he also takes impeccable photographs) but also his deeply human sense of story in all subjects. Just look at his films like Buena Vista Social Club and Wings of Desire, which, on the surface, seem very different, but they are anchored in the same spirit of turning your eyes and ears to the story of what it is to be human and to make an impact in this world.

This quote resonates with me on lots of levels, but most significantly is his idea that creativity is a sense of wish fulfilment. It is our way of making the intangible much more tangible; a way of putting shape to our dreams. I create because I wish to share my ideas. That’s a maxim for life if ever I heard one. 

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