A new year, lots of new art to share and explore

On New Year’s Day for the past few years I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog or website dedicated to creativity in some way. So, this is the year I am finally doing it!

An early variation of this site I had in mind was to offer creative prompts daily and see what others came up with — essentially give away loads of great ideas that i simply don’t have time to get to, or perhaps even use the blog posts as a catalyst to finally tackle those ideas myself. I was particularly enamoured with the idea of interacting with other artists and creative souls and see where we might end up.

The idea then evolved, and I thought that might be too time intensive, or even worse, nobody would respond or interact, and the blog would become some static repository for unused ideas. So then, I thought about a blog dedicated to exploring my own creative work. Either looking at a current idea and how I am approaching it, or take a past creation (a story, photo, video etc) and break down the thinking behind it and how I arrived at a final outcome (a dive into the creative mind of sorts)

Then I arrived at the idea of sharing art that inspires me or has fired my own artistic impulses. A list of influences and inspirational sparks in my creative journey if you will.

And then I realised all of those things are of interest to me, and hopefully to a wider group of likeminded souls too. So, this website & blog will be a mixture of all of those things. While I would love to commit to a daily post, I think that may be a little tricky, but I hope to consistently post different strands of all of the above.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. I hope you find some joy, inspiration and ideas in this site. Let me know what you think and please join in the conversation and I’d love it if you shared your own work, or things you’d like to hear more about

Here’s to a creative year!